Creekstone Farms Carries Over it’s Commitment to Premium Beef as it Evolves Into a Provider of Premium and Value-Added Protein Solutions

Jul 8, 2024 | Meat + Poultry, Provisioner Online

ARKANSAS CITY, Kan. — Creekstone Farms Premium Beef LLC recently took home the title of North America’s Best Steak for its Ribeye Wet-Aged Steak at the 2023 World Steak Challenge, underscoring the company’s foundational commitment to delivering high-quality 100% Black Angus beef.

It all starts with Creekstone Farms’ roots in the Angus industry, said Ryan Meyer, Creekstone Farms senior vice president of procurement and marketing.

Along with a key foundational focus on Angus genetics, refined feeding techniques and sustainable practices, Creekstone Farms has been doing business with most of the same cattle feeders, ranchers and suppliers for 20 years.

“That’s probably the secret to the success — just sticking with what got you there and having a consistent program,” Meyer said. “We know that product is going to consistently be very good for us and good for our customers.”

The Arkansas City operation – Creekstone Farms’ sole production site — is around 600,000 square feet and employs around 1,200 workers. Creekstone Farms supplies customers across the U.S. plus about 70 countries around the world, Meyer said, with export business accounting for around 20% of sales.